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Forum is a student-produced literary journal that is dedicated to providing a platform for the contemporary, urban voices of San Francisco City College.


I collaborated on this project with Joyce Yin. We started our work by brainstorming with the customer. We discussed how to adjust design strategy to target audience needs. The book should be modern and approachable at the same time.

Once the strategy was defined, we chose the typefaces, layout grid systems, color palette and media assets.


We laid out the content using Adobe Indesign. We developed several paragraph and character styles to be efficient and maintain consistency throughout the book. In several areas, we had to be creative in order to fit the content in spread layouts. Assets were edited and assembled in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

There were three substantial design iterations: we delivered samples to the customer, they marked what they would like changed and we implemented it.

Towards the end, we conducted a live editing session: we amended the designs alongside the customer, they provided final approvals and the book was submitted to print.

We assembled black-and-white and color sections for all 320 copies, and submitted them to binding.